spaghetti with prawns and zucchini

On Sundays I like to stay at home. I usually wake up early, make myself some breakfast and after I go for a run. When I'm home again I take a long shower and cook something for lunch. Today I made this easy spaghetti dish.
During the week, I don't have that much time to cook. I eat a lot of salads, wraps or a sandwich. Things that are healthy but also easy to bring to work. So I really enjoy it when I have time to try out new things in the kitchen.

~ spaghetti with prawns and zucchini ~

for 1 person

80g whole wheat spaghetti
1 medium zucchini
100g frozen or fresh prawns 
2 gloves garlic
fresh parsley
olive oil

Chop the zucchini and the garlic. In a bowl, mix the prawns, zucchini, garlic, pepper, paprika and a little olive oil. Set aside for about 10 - 15 minutes (the longer, the better). In the meantime chop the parsley and heat up  the water for the spaghettis. When the water boils, add the spaghetti and cook for about 10 minutes or until al dente. 

Use a large skillet to sauté the prawns and zucchini. Add the spaghetti to the prawns and mix it. If they are to dry just add a little bit of the spaghetti water.

Top it with the fresh parsley and then bon appétit.

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