bites of the week

Dried mango bites <3 <3 <3

Little break at Starbucks after the farmers market on Saturday with a Chai Tea Latte and a walnut scone.
My absolut favorite Chai Tea. Perfect with a little milk 

Water bottle at the ChaCha restaurant in Bern with the Matterhorn.

BIG sushi plate with my friend on saturday evening at the Nooch restaurant in Bern.
Miso Soup with Tofu and seaweeds.

Fall in the city, sooo beautiful, one of my favourite seasons of the year.

Fresh figs - looove them - try them as a salad with goat cheese and lettuce with a honey dressing and walnuts!

Mungbean chips - discovered them this week, healthy alternative to all your other chips. They are gluten and dairy free. The whole bag (50g) has just 185 calories but contains 13.6g of proteins!!

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  1. I love fresh figs! Recently I had them roasted with prosciutto and balsamic vinegar. Delicious!